Servo Program Settings

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Re: Servo Program Settings

Post by medelec35 »

Hi John,
JDR04 wrote: I get a confirmation of the programmer connected OK but no chip is found
I can't see on your picture connection from pin 1 of programmer to pin 1 of target device.
Since in the config settings MCLR is disabled, you can connect pin 1 of programmer directly to pin one of target, with nothing else connected to them pins.
This may not apply to you if already done so but hidden within the picture.
For ICSP you must have +5V, GND, VPP, data and clock connections.
GND,VPP,data & clock must go from programmer to target device.
+5 can be supplied from programmer or an external supply.
Compiler settings must have the correct parameters for where the +5V is being supplied from.
Also if using programmer to supply +5V, if programmer is to keep the supply on after programming the -T must be included.
If using external supply then -T must be removed and the GNDs (0V) of external supply, programmer and target device must all be connected together.

If you are having a programming issue, then can you post .msg.txt file please.

I have a 16F737 which uses the same datasheet.
I have programmed 16F737 with PICkit2 via Flowcode:
PICkit2 Programmed Via Flowcode.png
(20.7 KiB) Downloaded 4242 times
Just changed target device and used same configuration settings.
Also with PICkit2 programmer using your

Code: Select all

Martin LED Flash Test2.hex
PICkit2 Programmed.png
(66.85 KiB) Downloaded 4242 times
In both cases LED flashes at the correct rate and only using programmer to supply voltage.
So issue is with your hardware.


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Re: Servo Program Settings

Post by JDR04 »

OK, I'll redo the hardware and perhaps try another 16F767 incase I blew it with my fiddling around.

I'll post later and let you know.

Thanks very much for your help........John

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Re: Servo Program Settings

Post by JDR04 »


Redid all the wiring. Made all connecting wires considerably shorter. = LED FLASHING. Seems the original chip was fine after all the fiddling around I did with it.

Am now going to try out the servo program.

Big thanks to Martin and all the others who patiently helped me along with this. Thanks a lot.


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