My GPS program.

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My GPS program.

Post by MJU »

I've tried to use the Flowcode GPS component, but I couldn't use it.

When using an Arduino Uno, the standard UART pins are used for the USB port, and because I want to investigate the GPS data on my computer I had to use other pins.
Most other components have an option to use software pins where you can specify other pins for the component.
In the GPS component only the "channel 1" option is available and these are used for the serial/USB to the computer.

Because I wanted to play with the GPS module that I bought (GY-NEO6MV2) I made a flowchart that shows me the data I want from the module.
I learned a lot about GPS and NMEA sentences because of this (and I encourage everyone that wants to use GPS data to look into this too).

Attached is my flowchart where I use the GPS module (GY-NEO6MV2) with an Arduino Uno.
This program sends data I wanted to see to the serial monitor on my PC (via USB).
I only wanted parts of the GGA and RMC sentence so the only thing I needed to do is search for these sentences and filter the data I need out of these sentences.

The GPS module is a 3.3V component, and isn't (is NOT) 5V tolerant.
The TX is connected to the module via a voltage divider (2 resistors), and this works great.

I've tried to write as much comments in the flowchart so everyone can see what I do in which step.
I know is this maybe too much work, but the GPS component didn't do the trick for me.

I learned a lot by working on this and I want to share this with you all.

Much of the data can be split into smaller parts for editing, but for me this wasn't necessary.
The data is stored as strings, so if you want to edit them, convert them to floats first..
The latitude and longitude are displayed like this: 5113.26908N 00423.9500E so if you want to use these coordinates you have to put in a space " " two figures left of the point: 51 13.26908N 004 23.9500E.
These you can use in Google maps..

BTW: special thanks to Medelec for his help..
My homemade GPS program..
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Re: My GPS program.

Post by Benj »

In the GPS component only the "channel 1" option is available and these are used for the serial/USB to the computer.
The GPS component uses interrupts to allow the incoming data to automatically be captured and processed in the background. Therefore you can't use a software UART channel with the component.

Glad you have it working how you want though, good job :D

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Re: My GPS program.

Post by Bachman »


Try to use software UART, and process the data by yourself! The GPS component didn't work perfectly for me, so i've written my own.
GPS Receiver from eBay.
GPS Receiver from eBay.
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The test program is the first working version. Not nice, not clean but maybe can help you to start to write your own.
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