A place to discuss any problems, issues or questions surrounding the E-blocks BTEC Unit 6 course.

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Post by Steve »

We have had a few queries regarding the assessment of Unit 6 and I thought I'd start this topic so teachers can share information and ask questions surrounding the upcoming set task at the end of April.

Firstly, here is a link to the Administrative Support Guide from Pearson: ... L3_ASG.pdf

And here is the sample assessment: ... ineers.pdf

I also found this guide for conducting external assessments: ... (ICEA).pdf

These resources should answer a lot of the questions surrounding the assessment. But if you have other questions, whether in general or specific to the use of Flowcode and/or E-blocks then please post here.


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Re: Assessment

Post by Q Branch »

Thanks for that Steve.

If you are teaching BTEC, there's something called "My BTEC" where you can get access to stuff that's not available to the general public.
You will have to register here:
Then, your "BTEC Quality Nominee", (in my case, the college principle) will get an email from BTEC asking how much (if anything) you are allowed to access on the BTEC site.

Once you've finally got access to the protected part of the site for BTEC L3 Engineering Unit 6 (took me a few months jumping through hoops), there's something there called "Sample Marked Learner Work External Assessment Unit 6: Microcontroller Systems for Engineering" and the file is Unit-6-SMLW-Microcontroller-Systems-for_Engineers-v-1-1-Dec-2017-Activities-Updated.pdf when you find it.

That shows you what a marked student's work looks like from Pearson's point of view.

It's a terrible website to navigate - if you find something - download it or print it, because the chances of you finding it again are low.

If you have attended any of the BTEC training courses, you'll also have an email address for support with Unit 6 if you can't find the answer on My BTEC.

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