Sorted out my new Key.

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Sorted out my new Key.

Post by astro1234 »

Problem sorted, for some reason the first payment did not go through, so Matrix said to try again,
This time went through ok (hope I don’t get billed twice.). All packs now activated.
Also, would like to thank Matrix for extending BF2019 after 12pm for me, so I could get the discounts. So, ONE BIG THANK YOU TO MATRIX. :D :D :D
Regards Roy.

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Re: Sorted out my new Key.

Post by chipfryer27 »

Hi Astro1234

I have to agree that the Matrix team are very helpful and understanding when attempting to purchase upgrades and the like. Their motto seems to be "If we can do it, we will".

Glad you got it all sorted and enjoy the new packs.


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Re: Sorted out my new Key.

Post by Hokum52 »

Yeah, you don't see such an efficient customer service every day, even in the era of massive Discord and social media presence...

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