MAIC as multipurpose device in physics labs

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MAIC as multipurpose device in physics labs

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MAIC as multipurpose device in physics labs
Matrixmultimedia when launched MIAC (Matrix Industrial Automotive Controller|) as an industrial PLC device they did not recognized that MIAC can not be use in different labs specially physics .
Here I started with three famous physics lab devices that can by simple flowcode program works as the original device moreover the user can change the features of his/her device by aid of the facilities being in the MIAC
1-MIAC As photo gate timer
Photogate timer is a device used in physics labs to measure the time interval between two successive interrupts this time usually not exceed one second
The proposed experiments that photogate timer can be done are so many experiment like
1-merasuring the free falling acceleration “g”
2-measring viscosity of a liquid “STOCK’S METHOD”
3-Air track experiment
4-Projectial Motion

measuring the free falling acceleration “g”
Over twenty-two centuries ago, a Greek philosopher and scientist named Aristotle proposed that there is a natural force that causes heavy objects to fall toward the center of Earth. He called this force “gravity”. In the seventeenth century, the English scientist Isaac Newton was able to show that gravity is a universal force that extends beyond Earth. It is the force that causes the moon to orbit the Earth and the Earth to orbit the Sun.

When an object is in “free fall”, the only force acting on it is the force of gravity. As an object falls freely, it accelerates. For a falling object near the surface of Earth, the rate of change of velocity is a constant value. This value is the acceleration due to gravity. If you ignore air resistance, a falling ball accelerates as if it is in free fall. You can measure the motion of the falling ball to find the value of the acceleration due to gravity
MIAC connection
2-Generating Standing waves in a string using MIAC
In many of the physics labs is not without a device to generate a standing waves in a string. And the competing manufacturers to modernize this system by adding some features such as displaying the used frequency in the generation of pulses and the more the device has the advantages of the more its price and we are here we use MIAC to generate the standing waves so that it works with all the features found in markets . As well as other pulses can be generated at the same time so that the device becomes as two devices in one (double beam generator)
• Professional or Educational version of Flowcode V4 for PIC
• STRING(2 meters)
• Pulley

Standing waves in a string:
Determination of mass per unit length of a string
When applied force acts on string stretched between two fixed points, a transverse wave propagates along the string with velocity
The generated wave will be reflected at both fixed points and the incident and reflected waves combine to produce resultant motion. if the frequency of the force is equal to one of the natural frequency of the string, a state of resonance takes place and the string shows a stationary wave with a node at each fixed point and one or more antinodes between them.

MAIC to DC motor connection:
MIAC include 4 motor outputs with motor speed control we use two of them (A&B) to generate the pulses were driven to the dc motor

Explanation of Flowcode File:
Here we use so simple technique on programming to produce pulses and display the frequencies by using time daily macro component to adjust the periodic time between two successive pulses and convert the time by calculation to frequency mode and by pressing up/down to increment/decrement the OK key are used to rest the experiment
3-Genrating Standing waves in a wire loop (Bohr Model for Hydrogen Atom)
Wire Loop will have standing waves at discrete
frequencies, each one corresponding to a unique wavelength
youtube video
standing wavexx.fcf
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Re: MAIC as multipurpose device in physics labs

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Hello Misoct

I think that this is really great. One of the things I am not so sure of is how you vibrate the string. You show a motor. Are you quickly making the motor go forwards and backwards to vibrate the string?

As you know: we are really interested in education. We have never really thought of using the MIAC in Physics. In the UK we have a lot of datalogging equipment in schools but very little control equipment. Maybe we can help you do more of this kind of work? It would be nice if you could send me an email: john<at>


john dobson
managing director

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