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ECIO - USB programmable computers

ECIO single board computers provide one of the fastest and lowest cost ways of embedding advanced intelligence and control into your project. ECIOs are used by hobbyists, students and engineers to develop projects based on microcontroller technology and are particularly useful when in-field reprogrammability or USB features are required, whether PIC programming or working with dsPIC hardware.

The ECIO family of USB programmable single board computers provide an incredibly simple way of adopting microcontroller technology into your projects. ECIO devices include a microcontroller with clock, power and programming circuitry on a standard 0.6" DIL header. When you plug the USB lead in to an ECIO you can reprogram the device or use the USB interface for communications with a PC.

As well as the starter electronic kits and application boards, there are currently three ECIO devices based on PIC and dsPIC. ECIO devices are compatible with hex code from a number of compilers including Flowcode(a PIC, dsPIC, ARM and AVR Arduino IDE), BASIC, C and assembly.

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