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Delivering quality learning for your educational needs

Matrix Technology Solutions have always been about delivering learning solutions. Since 1993, we have developed solutions for all levels of education, from primary education through to University and beyond.

In Science/Physics, Computer Science, Electrical/Electronic Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Robotics/Automation/Mechatronics, Manufacturing Engineering, Aviation, Automotive, Electrical Installation courses, we have what is needed to meet your students´ needs and requirements. We´ll take you on a fully supported journey to delivering high quality teaching using high quality solutions.

Working in education across the World means our solutions have to be flexible across numerous countries. Solutions are offered in anything up to twenty different languages and we work with a worldwide distributor network to ensure our educational customers´ needs around the globe are met in the best ways possible.

Our membership of various bodies including the Design & Technology Association and The World Didac Association allows us to present our solutions on a global platform.

Locktronics electronics kits

Educational Solutions right for your Institution

With firm roots in education, Matrix TSL have supplied some of the World's finest teaching establishments with teaching and training solutions to meet their needs.

Across our whole portfolio, we pride ourselves in delivering a full solution for your teaching requirements. This includes equipment and hardware, necessary software, training, support and teaching curriculum.

We have a range of top quality solutions designed for delivering success to educational institutions around the World.

Mapping diagram of the UK education curriculum


Providing accurate, in-depth and intuitive resources including supporting curriculum for all our solutions is paramount to our whole educational offering.

Across all of the disciplines we cover, we ensure that the curriculum we develop is done with the end user in mind. Our educational curriculum is easy to follow and, in the case of many of our products, provided free-of-charge with the purchase of a kit (i.e. Locktronics and Automatics).

Educational users of Flowcode who purchase a multi-license gain access to free licenses for students to use in the home, as well as support curriculum to aid the successful teaching of various subjects with the use of Flowcode.

What's more, our educational customers can also access our user forums free-of-charge and take up the offer of training from Matrix's team of qualified and skilled Engineers.

Standard curriculum for a locktronics engineering courses solution


Classes at the University of Leeds using Flowcode

University of Leeds:

“As the Senior Electronical/Electronic Technician in the Faculty of Engineering I find that using Flowcode is an invaluable tool, to clearly convey the Embedded Code to be used in applications with PIC chips. The School of Mechanical Engineering students build their own buggy designs and incorporate Flowcode into their designs.”

Matthew Buckley
University of Leeds, UK

INSA Lyon:

“We used Flowcode and E-blocks for over 6 years. This provides a great link between Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science. Flowcode means there is no need to learn a new language. Students develop links between eBlocks and their Android phone very easily.”

Benoit Pierret
INSA Lyon, France

Student using eBlocks and Flowcode at Insa Lyon

Student working with Flowcode at Buckhaven highschool

Buckhaven High School:

“I have been given very honest and reliable advice about what products suit my needs in relation to the national curriculum. Follow-up customer care has been very impressive and I can thoroughly recommend the training offered by Matrix for the solutions they offer. Overall, I am delighted to recommend Matrix to other schools who deliver Engineering and Science courses.”

Graham Dick
Buckhaven High School, UK


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