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MAKE all of your ideas a reality

If you have a passion for technology, if you enjoy exploring new ways of making, designing and experimenting using professional development tools, suited to your needs and flexible in their nature, we�re sure to be able to offer a solution that fits your needs.

The ‘maker movement’ has led to a surge in the popularity of electronics and technology in the home. Some of the projects that can be developed using Matrix TSL�s range of solutions generate huge levels of intrigue with all types of maker.

This Stewart Platform, for example (right) was developed through the connection of a Bluetooth Android app connected to an Arduino board programmed using Flowcode.

Six degrees of Freedom - Arduino controlled Stewart Platform

Flowcode and Arduino ide development board - PIC programming

At Matrix, we�re proud of embracing technologies outside of our own development.

  • Our flowchart programming software, Flowcode, for example appeals to a plethora of hobbyists throughout the globe. Flowcode is seen as one of the most easy-to-use PIC and Arduino IDE’s on the market. Flowcode’s easy-to-use interface means that even in-experienced programmers can develop electronic systems as complex as they would like with the use of the flowchart symbols.
  • Our quick and easy PIC board with a power output chip gives users a miniature input/output board to embed into your projects are available at low-cost. Our prototype board also allows for rapid prototyping of microcontroller applications.
  • ECIO - our range of low cost single board computers provide one of the fastest and lowest cost ways of embedding advanced intelligence and control into your project. We have used the dsPIC ECIO to provide the advanced maths functions and processing power required for our quadrocopter project, our LED cube and also for an eBlocks Stewart platform. Check out our blog to see these in action.
  • Programming Arduino � is easier than ever before. Take your Arduino development techniques to new levels with our Arduino shields. Our 3 port and 8 port shields allow you to program Arduino with Flowcode and embed the Arduino board into an eBlocks prototype development as seen by the image, left.

Don‘t take our word for it, this is what the guys over at had to say.

“For a commercial application it is well worth the money, it does what it says (on the tin!) and more. If I bought this for personal use I would be happy with it.”

Steve -


Supporting your maker projects is something we pride ourselves in at Matrix TSL. We have numerous mediums through which we publish projects and articles including our social media presence.

We provide free of charge courses to get you started with programming and an introduction to electronic components, all available on our Resource Centre

We also have a range of useful and interesting articles available to users of our solutions through our online blog. The blog includes themed articles based on topics such as the Internet of Things, Connectivity and larger projects including a Quadrocopter design and powered using Flowcode.

We also offer many free resources. From our Support page, our Resource Centre or our in-context Wiki for Flowcode, there is help all the way. As well as other experienced engineers and enthusiasts, our own engineers also contribute to the quality of the forum.

Flowcode 6 Microcontroller project book


If you’re looking out for your next project materials and you’re interested in electronics, programming, robotics, computer science or anything else technological, take a look at some of these projects from the Matrix blog which might give you some ideas or inspiration for your next masterpiece.

Why not get in touch with some of your projects? Use the forum to tell us about them or contact us.

Home made quadrocopter made using Flowcode

Quadrocopter Project Series

When starting a project like this it can often be easy to become lost in all the technical details being thrown around so lets start by keeping things simple. A good starting point would be to use the very nice MPU-6050 IC which contains a 3-axis accelerometer and 3-axis gyro. This device is perfect for a Quadrocopter project...

Read more on this project on our Blog.

Infinite RGB LED Cube

After being inspired from the Xmas tree blog post I started looking around at what other people were doing and I came across a simple single colour 8 x 8 x 8 LED Cube project on Instructables.The post was great and looked simple enough so I thought I would have a go at it myself as well as making a Flowcode component to allow me to simulate and easily develop programs for any size of LED cube...

Read more on this project on our Blog.

Lit up picture of an 8x8x8 LED cube

French school made a gyroscopic riding vehicle with Eblocks electronic kits

‘Di-Wheel’ Built Using Flowcode 6 & E-blocks

We have been working with INSA Lyon � one of France�s top technical Universities for many years. Our contact there, Benoit Pierret uses both Flowcode and E-blocks to deliver a combined electronics and mechanics degree. Recently, we received a video from Lyon of this years final project from their students. They had created a DiWheel...

Read more on this project on our Blog.

USB Prototype Board

The Prototype board is an exciting new product available from us. It features a small section of breadboard integrated onto the PCB and allows for rapid prototyping of simple electronic systems which directly and easily interface with a microcontroller. The Prototype board offers very similar functionality to the Arduino Uno and Prototype shield...

Read more on this project on our Blog.

New USB prototype board from Matrix similar to Arduino Uno

Electronics training create a simple Binary clock

Creating A Simple Binary Clock

We developed this as it suited the �typical� D&T project criteria, that is, to design and make a system based on an electronic system. This article provides a summary of the design process for the binary clock, what steps were performed and shows the end product example. The program we created is very simple in nature...

Read more on this project on our Blog.


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