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Technology / Computer Science

Simplifying computer programming & technology

The solutions you�ll find in this section are ideal for delivering a motivating course in computer science. Solutions are based around our robotics range and also programming microcontrollers using Flowcode, our flowchart programming software. These solutions include hardware, software and curriculum resources and are ideal for collaboration between Technology and Computer Science departments.

Level 1, 2

Formula AllCode Robot learning

Formula AllCode robot

This robot with Bluetooth capability enables you to program it from any host with a Bluetooth connection. The robot itself includes a fabulous specification.


PIC micro systems investigation

This new solution allows students to investigate circuits and systems based on the popular PICmicro microcontroller.


Computer science and control 1

This kit of parts allows Computer Science students to develop an understanding of simple control systems and to develop programs using flow charts.


Programming Arduino microcontrollers

A compact solution for learning how to program with the Arduino platform, utilising an eBlocks breakout board and the combo board for a full solution.


Programming the Raspberry Pi

Explore the exciting possibilities of the Raspberry Pi with this combination using an eBlocks breakout board and combo board solution.


Simple microcontroller circuits

This solution introduces students to the basic principles of circuit construction and prototyping using a breadboard and a few simple electronic components.


Design and make electronic products

This solution is designed to provide a framework to allow students to first investigate the design of electronic products and then to design and manufacture a project of their own.


Automatics essentials solution

This kit provides a complete introduction to pneumatic circuit design and construction. The curriculum pack includes a comprehensive set of worksheets.


Electro-pneumatics add-on kit

This solution allows students to investigate the electrical principles behind motors and generators and is designed to support the teaching of a range of automotive units.


Pneumatics control add-on kit

This kit extends your Automatics pneumatics solution by adding a powerful programmable microcontroller unit, the MIAC.

The staff at Matrix have been very helpful since the first tentative pricing inquiry. I have been given very honest and reliable advice about what products suit my needs and the national curriculum I am delivering, including what products I need and the ones I don�t.

Follow-up customer care has been very impressive and on a personal level - if I have any technical queries Matrix have been only a phone call or an email away. I can thoroughly recommend the training courses offered for Flowcode, where the training materials were first class, delegates were very well looked after, and assistance was always available.

Overall, I am delighted to recommend Matrix to other schools who want to start delivering Engineering Science courses, or who need to replace old kit coming to the end of its time.

Graham Dick, Buckhaven High School

Student at Buckhaven using some Automatics kits

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