AC machine thyristor speed control add-on pack

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AC machine thyristor speed control add-on pack



Suitable for:

  • Unit 15 of the BTEC National award in Engineering: Electrical machines

  • Unit 43 of the BTEC Higher National: Further machines and drives




This pack consists of the Locktronics components needed to control the speed and direction of single and three phase AC machines using simple thyristors.

This pack can be added to the Electrical machines starter system and AC machines add-on kit.  Users must ensure they also have access to these kits in order to follow the curriculum.

Learning objectives/experiments

  • Thyristor operation
  • Power control in AC circuits
  • Speed control in AC motor circuits using thyristors
  • Phase shifting capacitor circuits
  • Thyristor bridge circuits
  • H-bridge thyristor diection control in single phase AC motor circuits
  • Thyristor control of three phase induction motors
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