An introduction to digital electronics solution


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Key Features

  • Analogue and digital signals
  • Binary and hexadecimal number systems
  • A simple logic probe
  • Microcontroller circuits and logic systems
  • Also available in ANSI, use code LK4221-2A

This course covers the basics of digital electronics, a core topic in modern automotive electrical technology. In doing so, it supports the delivery of a range of automotive units. It focuses on the use of logic functions and shows how these can be delivered through conventional discrete gates and through programmable logic systems. Curriculum, including experiments and teacher's notes, is available from our resources page.

Topics covered include:

  • Analogue vs Digital
  • The NOT function
  • The AND function
  • The OR function
  • The NAND function
  • The NOR function
  • Programmable logic and microcontrollers