Audio DSP training course


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This solution provides a motivating solution for learning about digital signal processing (DSP) technology, audio effects and frequency synthesis.

This solution allows students to carry out a number of practical exercises in audio DSP technology. Students learn about DSP by developing 7 different system developments: Audio pass-through, Echo effect, Reverb effect, Sine wave generator, Waveform generator, Low pass filter, and High pass filter.

Working through the exercises students build a good understanding of the various types of DSP operation including Inputs, Outputs, Sum, Level, Filter and Delay. The solution can also be used as a motivating platform for learning general microcontroller programming and project work. The course is provided along with a 20 hour course.

Learning objectives:

  • Fundamentals of audio digital processing
  • Functionality of the Matrix dsPIC hardware
  • Techniques to program the dsPIC microcontroller to process audio signals
  • Commands and syntax used to input, process and output audio signals

Please note, this product requires Flowcode which must be ordered separately.


This E-blocks2 course is compatible with Ghost technology. Using the board with Flowcode allows the use of the advanced Ghost debugging features including in circuit debugging, real time pin monitoring and bus decoding.

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