Automatics control add-on kit


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By following the curriculum included with pneumatics control add-on kit, students will learn how the combination of a controller and custom software can create powerful and flexible pneumatic systems.

Also available without the MIAC - AU9025

AU6781 was formerly known as AU9010



The control add-on kit is intended to supplement the Automatics Essentials solution by adding a powerful programmable controller and a selection of sensors and solenoid valves.
This allows students to investigate the power of using custom software to control real world hardware systems.
Two curriculum courses are provided. In the first, students use software pre-programmed into the controller. In the second, more advanced, course, students learn to create their own software for the controller.

  • Reading sensors and switches
  • Issuing commands to the pneumatic circuit
  • Learning the difference between digital and analogue sensors
  • Using flowcharts to visualise programs
  • Program flow and decision making
  • Programming sequences and loops
  • Using feedback to enhance reliability

CONTROL PLUSThis curriculum introduces students to writing their own programs for the control system.   This is done using our Flowcode software - which makes programming easy by using graphical flowcharts.  Note that you may need to purchase Flowcode separately.