Cam crank and toggle kit


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Key Features

  • Shows the characteristics of a mechanical toggle, crank motion and popular shaped cams
  • Includes pear, heart, round and spiral cams
  • Also includes set of followers, toggle linkage and crank & slider
  • Work panel and curriculum available separately

This kit includes a crank and slider, which fit onto a work panel, to show the relative forces during crank motion. It also includes four popular cam shapes to show their different characteristics. Another set of parts in the kit shows the characteristics of a mechanical toggle. Students fit the crank and slider with weights and a spring balance to see the change in linear and rotational forces (moments) as the crank turns. They also use the slider with different followers on a set of four popular shape cams - heart, pear, spiral and round. This gives several cam and follower combinations to help students understand the different characteristics of each cam and why engineers choose between them for different applications. The last set of parts in the kit has a simple linkage that allows students to see the characteristics of a toggle mechanism. Its shows the relative forces and angular conditions of the toggle in its initial state and how they affect the point at which it locks or 'snaps' into a horizontal state. The kit introduces students to key engineering terms such as a 'flat follower', a 'roller follower' and 'toggle action'. Worksheets, guidance notes and lecturer notes (with answers) needed for typical experiments with each kit are supplied with the work panel.

Essential base unit and kit must be ordered separately.

Learning objectives/experiments include:

  • Displacement and angle characteristics of pear, heart, round and spiral cams
  • Characteristics or a mechanical toggle
  • Turning moments and forces during crank motion
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