Centrifugal force kit


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  • Relationship between centripetal force, radius and velocity of different rotating masses
  • Work panel and curriculum available separately

The centrifugal force kit includes a manually rotated frame with a low-friction cantilever linkage.  The frame has mounting positions for adjustable masses and a spring that applies a fixed frictional force value to a rotating drum.  The range of mounting positions and masses allows many variations of the experiment to help students understand the relationships between the variables of speed, mass and radial position.  Students fit the chosen masses to one side of the frame and an equal counterbalance to the opposite side of the frame.  They rotate the assembly which will overcome the spring frictional force at a given speed, working as centrifugal clutch that regulates its own speed.  The frame has a durable 'clicking' tab that students use with a stopwatch (supplied) to measure the speed.  They use their measurements to calculate the forces due to the rotating masses and compare them with the opposing force from the spring.  The kit introduces students to key engineering terms such as centrifugal and centripetal force.  It also shows the use of 'radians' in rotational velocity measurement. 

Essential base unit and kit must be ordered separately.

Learning objectives/experiments

  • Centripetal and centrifugal force
  • Newton's second law
  • Rotational dynamics
  • Balancing masses


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