Christmas tree kit

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Christmas tree kit


This product is now discontinued.

Have you seen our new range - E-blocks2?



A Christmas tree themed projects board including the circuit board and all the bits required to create a fully functional center piece. Capable of displaying animations using the 15 x RGB LEDs plus streaming mono tone audio using the included speaker. Can be powered from the included PP3 9V battery clip or can be powered via a 7.5 - 9V DC power supply.

The product is supplied in kit form so the circuitry must be assembled by the user. Full instructions are provided to allow the user to complete the project with no prior experience.

To complete the project you will require the following tools and equipment: soldering iron, solder, wire cutters, hot glue or super glue.

The kit comes with a pre-programmed PIC16F88 microcontroller, please note that additional hardware is required to re-program the microcontroller with your own custom program.


  • 15 Individually Addressable RGB LEDs
  • Speaker for playing jingles
  • Powered from battery or mains adapter
  • Simple to build using only a few tools