Complete advanced physical optics kit


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This kit is based on an optical rail and mounting system.  All optical rails, optical mounts and translation stages are provided as appropriate for the various experiments, together with all of the optical and optoelectronic elements.

  • Suitable for courses in Optical Sciences and Photonics at undergraduate level and beyond

The four modules in ED-OPTICS (polarisation, reflection and refraction, diffraction, interference & coherence) examine various topics in physical optics and provide a solid grounding in the fundamental optical principles that are applied in various optical systems and instruments.

The four modules (POL, R&R, DIFF, I&C) can be supplied individually, or combined as a modular / complete package.

Learning Objectives

  • Polarisation
    Malus’ Law, Properties of half, quarter & arbitrary wave plates, States of polarisation, Strain birefringence & sensing
  • Reflection & Refraction
    Snell’s Law, Fresnel Equations, Brewster’s Angle, Critical angle,  TIR, Refractive index determination
  • Diffraction
    Fraunhofer & Fresnel diffraction at slits / apertures, Reflection and transmission gratings, Laser wavelength determination
  • Interference and Coherence
    Michelson interferometer, Optical surface quality, Optical element measurements, Laser coherence & cavity length measurements

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Ordering Information

Reflection & refraction kit FP8197
Polarisation kit FP7280
Diffraction kit FP8104
Interference & coherence kit FP7948
Complete advanced physical optics kit               FP4615
Modular advanced physical optics kit FP0391