E-blocks2 click board


The E-blocks2 click board provides a simple way of connecting a Click module from MikroElektronika using the Mikrobus connection and layout standard. 


The E-blocks2 click board (BL0106) allows a wide range of different modules to be compatible with the E-blocks2 system.  Most of the Mikrobus pins are wired to allow for direct peripheral support from the E-blocks upstream controller IC.

The exceptions to this are the Interrupt and Analogue pins which are exposed via turned pin sockets allowing you to wire these signals to any of the free pins of your E-blocks controller.

Protection is provided on the board to ensure that 5V and 3V3 devices can work together seamlessly without causing any damage.

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If using this board with First Generation upstream E-blocks, then you will need an E-blocks upstream to E-blocks2 downstream connector.

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