Modern electrical machines system


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The Matrix Electrical machines system is our new kit for study of various modern day motor characteristics in electrical machines and is suitable for:
  • Unit 15 of the BTEC National award in Engineering: Electrical machines
  • Unit 31 of BTEC Higher National: Electrical systems and fault finding
  • Unit 21 of BTEC Higher National: Electrical machines
  • Unit 43 of BTEC Higher National: Further machines and drives
  • Unit 45 of BTEC Higher National: Industrial systems
  • City and Guilds Electrical Installation 8202 level 3
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Modern electrical machines training system is a revolutionary way of safely studying the characteristics of different motor types in a learning environment. This solution includes seven different types of machine, integrated power supply and control box and PC-based applications for advanced controller of the different machine types. Further to this, we provide four separate curriculum manuals for teaching electrical machines principles using manual control with external meters, using PC control and also control using MATLAB.

The system includes:

  • Swinging arm dynamometer, permanent magnet DC machine, compound machine, series machine, three phase induction machine, single phase induction machine
  • Machines operating off 24V AC or DC
  • A computer-controlled system
  • Electronic measurement of voltage, current and power in DC and AC
  • AC & DC power supply single and three-phase with variable frequency
  • Small footprint machines
  • Tray-stored equipment for increased portability
  • Full documentation and experiments

Equipment provided includes:

  • Swinging arm DC dynamometer rig with manual or electronic torque measurement and encoder
  • DC permanent magnet motor
  • Shunt wound field commutator motor
  • Series wound field commutator
  • Three phase Induction Motor
  • Single phase Induction Motor
  • SCADA measurement unit with in-built:
    • Resistance chain for loading dynamometer
    • Capacitance chain for motor series capacitance – start run
    • Internal voltmeters
    • Internal Tachometer
    • Internal torque sensor
    • Internal ammeters
    • Internal protection circuitry
  • Balance
  • Leads


When using the system in manual mode, it is likely you will require two (per set) HP1324 Fluke 115 True RMS Digital Multimeter and one (per set) HP8067 Tektronix Digital oscilloscope.

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