Embedded internet training solution

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Embedded internet training solution


This product is now discontinued.

By selecting the resources tab below, you can still access the curriculum.



This training solution, built from E-blocks technology, allows students to carry out investigations into embedded internet technology standard using high level macros written in Flowcode, assembly code, or C. The solution consists of a number of E-blocks boards and an advanced Ethernet module which form a complete web server. This solution is used in conjunction with a PC and Internet Explorer to facilitate a range of experiments that allow students to understand and investigate embedded internet technology including ASP, HTTP, TCP, IP, UDP, ICMP, ARP protocols and communications layers and their OSI linkage, as well as DLC and MAC protocols. The solution also allows students to carry out simple web based control over the internet.

Learning objectives at Technician level include:

  • Fundamentals of flow chart programming in an internet context
  • Construction of embedded internet systems providing with web page server and email functions

Undergraduate/BTEC level:

  • Understanding of packet structure and construction, at MAC and all higher protocol layers
  • Understanding of communication strategy and information flow at MAC and higher protocol layers

This product includes an EB006v9 multiprogrammer which, when combined with Flowcode 6 and above, provides access to the advanced In-Circuit Test and In-Circuit Debug features found in our revolutionary Ghost Technology. To find out more about the capabilities of Ghost, click here: Link to Ghost Page

The curriculum for the Embedded internet training solution is available to download for free from the resources tab above.

Please note, this solution requires Flowcode software in order to complete the course, which must be ordered separately.