Erbium doped fibre amplifiers kit


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This solution enables students to investigate the basic principles of optical amplification.

  • Suitable for courses in Optical Science and Photonics at undergraduate level and beyond.

This solution allows full characterisation of the gain and noise performance of one of the key components in long distance optical fibre communication systems, the erbium doped fibre amplifier.

Learning objectives

  • EDFA gain variation with signal & pump power
  • Small & large single gains, gain saturation
  • Transparency, gain gradient and gain efficiency
  • Pump saturation and saturated output power
  • Amplified spontaneous emission (ASE) levels
  • ASE-ASE and Signal-ASE beat noise
  • Output SNR and Noise Figure
  • Impact of optical filter on ASE and noise levels

Instruments, such as an oscilloscope, may be required.  Please contact us for further information.