Mobile phone training solution

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Mobile phone training solution




The mobile phone solution can be used for teaching microcontroller programming in a highly motivating context.  It is also useful for teaching the specifics of communication system development and has many outcomes including:

  • General programming of systems include LCD, keypad etc

  • RS232 protocol and programming

  • ASCII representation of characters in messages

  • AT command structure and command protocols used in telecommunications

  • Project management and development outcomes

  • The use of flowcharts and state diagrams in planning systems



This solution can be used to provide a complete 20 hour course in developing communication systems. This will give students who are familiar with microcontrollers an understanding of the programming techniques involved in developing communication systems, as well as an understanding of how electronic systems are developed from scratch. The solution can also be used as a motivating platform for learning general microcontroller programming, and is supplied with additional prototype and patch boards for project work. The solution includes a fully working mobile phone based on E-blocks.

All E-blocks boards are fitted with clear acrylic covers which prevent links and chips from being removed. The solution is assembled and tested in the Factory, and is shipped in rugged plastic trays for storage and transport. Flowcode software is available separately. Flowcode allows students to understand communications programs and strategies without getting bogged down in the complexity of C or Assembly code. The system can also be used with C and Assembly code (software not provided). A 50+ page manual with student exercises is available to download. An additional course - 'An introduction to microcontroller programming' - is available in our learning centre for those who need a refresher course in programming.

This solution is made available at a discount to the sum of the individual parts. For the study of the development of Near Field Communications techniques frequently used in modern phone designs, see the Matrix RFID solution.

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The Mobile phone training solution curriculum is available to download for free from the resources tab above.

Please note, this solution requires Flowcode software in order to complete the course, which must be ordered separately.