Optical Waveguide Analysis Software


This MS-Excel based Optical Waveguide Analysis Software has been developed for use with, and to complement, Principles of Optical Waveguiding.

Features include:

The software enables the Instructor to quickly and easily check the results obtained by students from the experiments performed with the ED-WAVE Educator Kit. The Theoretical section provides a platform for the user to change all of the significant design and material parameters to answer “what if” questions about their influence on the waveguiding behaviour of planar optical waveguides to aid in classroom study. 
A set of numerically generated b-V curves for both step and graded index planar optical waveguides are provided to aid the Instructor in explaining optical waveguiding in symmetric and asymmetric step index planar waveguides and asymmetric graded index planar waveguides, including the concept of ‘Single Polarisation Single Mode’ waveguides.
Refractive Index profile generation for Graded Index waveguides directly from experimental data.
No programming is required in this easy to use package.
Results can be saved and retrieved easily using MS-Excel features to enable preparation of reports and/or presentations using MS-Word and/or MS-Powerpoint, respectively.
Help feature provides immediate assistance to the user regarding using the software, optical waveguide theory and applications, Step and Graded Index Waveguides and Prism Coupling method.

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