Locktronics PIC systems solution


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Key Features

  • A complete solution to learning
  • Compatible with the free version of Flowcode
  • Includes carriers, baseboard and power supply
  • ANSI version available - order code: LK8922-2A


This solution allows students to investigate circuits and systems based on the popular PIC microcontroller. The solution focuses on system construction with a pre-programmed PIC carrier which includes 8 programs, selectable by hardware switches. The work can be extended to include programming of PIC microcontrollers using flow charts with our Flowcode software. The solutions includes component carriers, base board, power supply, and storage trays.
Topics include:

  • Switch inputs
  • Sensors and sensor circuits
  • Digital comparators
  • Driving transducers
  • Output transducers
  • DC motor speed control
  • Open and closed loop control