Power, electronics and storage solution

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Power, electronics and storage solution



This Locktronics solution contains learning objectives around renewable energy.

Suitable for BTEC Higher National unit 44: Industrial Power, Electronics and Storage



For this solution, we combine Locktronics with a miniature clean energy technology system and energy meter.  Students learn how to power an electrical circuit via a solar panel or wind turbine, then generate hydrogen through water electrolysis and convert this into electricity using a PEM fuel cell.

The energy meter is used to develop records in Excel which can be exported into MATLAB/Simulink or similar.

The Hybrid vehicle demonstrator can be purchased as an optional extra, to explain the processes and topology of a hybrid vehicle. 

Learning objectives

  • Technology and methods behind energy production
  • Electric vehicle configurations
  • Circuit topology
  • Sources of renewable energy
  • Energy efficiency
  • Power conversion
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