Pulley kit


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  • The Weston Differential pulley
  • Simple Pulleys - fixed, movable and compound
  • Work panel and curriculum available separately

This kit includes a wheel and axle with single, double and triple wheel or 'sheave' pulleys for experiments in mechanical advantage.  Students text fixed, movable and compound pulleys attached to load and effort weights to test their mechanical advantage.  The kit includes a unique pulley - the Weston Differential pulley - to show how two different size sheaves on one pulley has a dramatic effect on mechanical advantage. 

The kit introduces students to key engineering terms such as machine efficiency, velocity ratio and 'work done'.  Worksheets, guidance notes and lecturer notes (with answers) needed for typical experiments are supplied with the essential base unit.

Essential base unit and kit must be ordered separately.


Learning objectives/experiments

  • Efficiency and mechanical advantages of pulleys
  • Simple and compound pulleys
  • Wheel and axle pulleys
  • Weston differential pulley
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