Raspberry Pi system development kit


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If you want a solution that allows you a flexible way of studying microcontroller systems, the E-blocks2 development kits are a perfect way, giving you the option to choose the platform on which you work.

  • This kit is suitable for delivery of unit 46 of the BTEC Higher National: Embedded systems


The E-blocks2 Raspberry Pi microcontroller system development kit contains a Raspberry Pi shield and combo board, which is covered in removeable acrylic for lab protection purposes and presented on a printed panel, which not only looks great but also provides a student friendly solution for microcontroller development. This kit also includes a keypad board, a prototype board, a motors and actuators training board, a relay board and a Grove sensor mother board plus the relevant sensors on infrared, temperature, humidity, ultrasonic.

This kit is also supplied with power supply, USB and a neat, Gratnell’s tray storage solution.

Learning objectives

  • Working with Raspberry Pi architecture
  • Control hardware and specifications for Raspberry Pi
  • Human-computer-interfacing
  • Input and output devices
  • Assembling and operating a microprocessor system
  • Programming/coding constructs and techniques

Includes Raspberry Pi 3 Model B



The E-blocks2 board is compatible with Ghost technology.  Using the board with Flowcode allows the use of the advanced Ghost debugging features including in circuit debugging, real time pin monitoring and bus decoding. 

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