Sensors and control in automotive applications on panel


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Key Features

  • Includes carriers, baseboards and power supply
  • Based on our rugged Engineering panel
  • Included MIAC educational ECU
  • A complete solution to learning
  • Worksheets and teacher's notes included
  • ANSI version available - order code: LK6491-2A

This solution provides an introduction to the role of an Electronic Control Unit. Students use a number of pre-written programs for the MIAC Electronic Control Unit (ECU) to enable them to construct a wide variety of Input - Process - Output circuits using sensors and actuators typically found in vehicles.Curriculum, including experiments and teacher's notes, is available from our resources page. The solution includes component carriers, base board, a power supply, and storage trays and is based on our rugged Engineering panel.

Topics covered include:

  • DC motors with speed control
  • Stepper motors
  • Temperature sensor
  • Light sensor
  • Potential dividers and their use
  • Transistors as switches
  • Use of relays
  • ECU action and function
  • Automotive control systems
  • Sensor and actuator waveforms and signals
  • Sensor and motor faults