Servo/pendulum motor control system


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The Servo Pendulum system is part of the Matrix Process Control range of products.

This unique system allows students to understand the control of motors in two respects: to control the speed of a motor – a servo control system - and to control the position of a motor’s rotor – an inverting pendulum. One piece of equipment covers both problems.

The system consists of a powerful DC motor mounted on a rugged frame. A disc with captive nuts is attached to the DC motor and students are able to screw in 100-gram weights to different parts of the disc to alter the characteristics of the system. A single weight at 0 degrees forms an inverting pendulum.

The system includes full control and datalogging hardware, which is USB, Bluetooth, LAN/Wi fi compatible. Three software applications allow students to understand Manual control, On/Off control and PID control. The applications allow all parameters to be set, show a graphical representation of the performance of the system and allow data to be logged to a file for further analysis.

The system is shipped with a full API making it compatible with MATLAB or LabVIEW.

A full suite of worksheets, teacher’s notes and reference documentation is supplied.

Learning objectives

  • Servo control systems
  • Inverting pendulums
  • Drive systems and their scaling factors
  • Sensor characteristics, scaling factors, calibration
  • On/off control systems, oscillation, hysteresis
  • System time constants
  • P control systems and offset error
  • PI control systems
  • PID control systems
  • Control functions and block diagrams
  • Pseudocode implementations of P, PI and PID systems
  • Recognition of problems in PID systems
  • Integral wind up issues and overcoming them
  • Derivative filtering
  • Ziegler Nichols algorithm
  • Manual tuning of PID systems
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