Source - combined power supply and signal generator 110V


110V model suitable for use in the US

SOURCE - DC PSU, AC PSU and signal generator in one unit.

 The Matrix general purpose power supply/signal generator is a three in one device that has a wide range of applications in education in Physics, Technology and Electronics.

Please note, this is the 110V model.

The unit is housed in a rugged enclosure with a large graphical back-lit display and input controls conveniently located at the top front of the display. 

The power supply has a number of fixed DC voltage outputs as well as variable DC and AC outputs.

The AC signal generator output is presented in three forms: +10V p-p 50 Ohm DC coupled BNC output, high-power output via shrouded 4mm sockets for directly driving speakers and vibration generators, and a line-level output on a jack socket.  This AC signal delivers 0.1Hz to 100KHz with sine, triangle, square and arbitrary waveform outputs.

The power supply operates from a supply of 110V or 240VAC, depending on the model.


  • Fixed -12V, 5V and +12V outputs
  • Variable 3 - 10V DC output
  • Signal generator output 0.1Hz - 100kHz
  • Dot matrix backlit user display
  • Rugged continuously rotating control and buttons
  • PIN protected current limiting feature
  • Shrouded safety connectors

For the 240V model, please see here.

For compatible leads, see here.


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