Tetrix Prime Starter Set


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Eager to start using TETRIX ® PRIME?  Dive into this robot building system that uses quick rivets, square aluminium beams, sturdy acetal gears and more.

The Tetrix prime starter set includes what you need for students to begin building robots, including any of three hero models.  Step-by-step instructions are included in the builder's guide.

TETRIX PRIME is compatible with various programming platforms such as National Instruments, myRIO, LEGO® Education's NXT and EV3, Arduino, Raspberry Pi and more.

Includes four AA batteries.


Note: This set is a collection of robot construction parts with unlimited design possibilities.  The three pictured bots are tutorials on learning the construction system.  Each bot is built in progression, one at a time.  To build the next bot, you must disassemble the first. 

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