Torsion of circular sections kit


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Key Features

  • Shows the torsion in circular section specimens of different material and length
  • Includes choice of specimens, rotating & fixed chucks, dial caliper and weight hanger & weights
  • Work panel and curriculum available separately

This kit includes different circular section specimens and adjustable chucks which fit on to a work panel for experiments in torsion. Students fix the specimens in the chucks and apply weights to a lever arm. The arm applies a moment (torque) to one end of the specimen. A scale on the arm shows the angle of twist. Standard tests show the relationship between torsion and 'J' (polar second moment of area) value. Students use this to predict the twist angle for any given specimen. The choice of different specimens allows comparisons of different specimen material and how it affects torsion, introducing the Modulus of Rigidity. Students also move the chuck positions for easy experiments showing the relationship between specimen length and angle of twist. Worksheets, guidance notes and lecturer notes (with answers) needed for typical experiments are supplied with the work panel.

Essential base unit and kit must be ordered separately.

Learning objectives/experiments include:

  • Specimen length and angle of twist
  • Specimen material and angle of twist (Modulus of Rigidity)
  • Specimen 'J' value and angle of twist
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