USB training solution

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USB training solution


This product is now discontinued.

By selecting the resources tab below, you can still access the curriculum.



This solution allows students to carry out a number of practical exercises in USB technology. Students learn about USB by developing 8 different system developments: Mouse, Joystick, Temperature logger, USB terminal, USB to RS232 converter, Basic slave, Storage scope, and Oscilloscope with variable trigger. Some of these experiments are accompanied by programs written in Visual Basic. Working through the exercises students build a good understanding of the various types of USB system including Human Interface Devices, Communications Devices and Slave devices.

The solution has many outcomes which include:

  • RS232 protocol and programming
  • String construction and deconstruction in communications
  • ASCII representation of characters in messages
  • USB structure and command protocols as used in computer peripherals

This product includes an EB006v9 multiprogrammer which, when combined with Flowcode 6 and above, provides access to the advanced In-Circuit Test and In-Circuit Debug features found in our revolutionary Ghost Technology.To find out more about the capabilities of Ghost, click here: Link to Ghost Page

The USB training solution curriculum is available to download for free from the resources tab above.

Please note, this solution requires Flowcode software in order to complete the course, which must be ordered separately.

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