WDM component characterisation base kit


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This full series of kits enables students to acquire practical experience in the investigation, analysis and characteristics of optical fibre components, laser diodes, various Wavelength Division Multiplexed (WDM) systems, and Bragg Gratings.

  • Suitable for courses in Optical Science and Photonics at undergraduate level and beyond.

This series is a modular and expandable range of kits investigating, analysing and characterising:

  • Wavelength Division Multiplex (WDM) component
  • Bragg Gratings
  • 1310/1550nm WDM Systems
  • Dense WDM (DWDM) Systems

This allows immediate or future expansion of the kit as desired. 

Learning objectives

  • WDM Components (FP1748)
    Insertion losses, backreflection/return loss, isolation/extinction ratios of series of WDM components
    Component wavelenth characterisation
    ITU Grid DFB Laser LVI characteristics

  • 1310/1550 WDM Systems Extension Kit (FP8451)
    Component performance at 1310nm & 1550nm
    Fibre attenuation and length measurement
    Estimate of fibre chromatic dispersion at 1550nm
    Characterisation of a 2-channel 1310nm & 1550nm WDM system

  • DWDM Systems Extension Kit (FP5180)
    Characterisation of a 2-channel DWDM system (4-channel option available)
    Channel add/drop and system crosstalk/channel isolation
    Wavelength drift effects on DWDM crosstalk
    Influence of system crosstalk on the Eye Diagram/BER in DWDM systems

  • Bragg Gratings Extension Kit (FP6057)
    Grating characterisation
    Bragg grating spectral behaviour
    Temperature tuning a grating
    Temperature sensitivity and role as a sensor


Ordering information
WDM components kit FP1748
1310/1550nm WDM extension kit FP8451
DWDM extension kit FP5180
Bragg extension kit FP6057
Bit error rate and eye diagrams kit FP6269


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