Zigbee training solution

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Zigbee training solution


This product is now discontinued.

By selecting the resources tab below, you can still access the curriculum.



The Zigbee training solution can be used to provide a complete 20 hour course in developing wireless area networks based on the ZigBee standard. This will give students who are familiar with microcontrollers an understanding of the programming techniques involved in developing ZigBee wireless communication systems, as well as an understanding of how these systems are developed from scratch. A ZigBee packet analyser is included.

The exercises include detailed coverage of:

  • Moulding the network
  • Adding a node
  • Expanding the network
  • Reducing power consumption
  • Dynamic networks
  • Message routing
  • Data logging gateway
  • A complete modular fire and burglar alarm
  • Improving network security

The manual accompanying the solution is a free download and gives an introduction to the Zigbee standard and concepts in Zigbee communications.  Students learn about Zigbee by carrying out a number of exercises using the hardware provided and Flowcode software, which is available to purchase separately.

This product includes an EB006v9 multiprogrammer which, when combined with Flowcode 6 and above, provides access to the advanced In-Circuit Test and In-Circuit Debug features found in our revolutionary Ghost Technology. To find out more about the capabilities of Ghost, click here: Link to Ghost Page

The Zigbee training solution curriculum is available to download for free from the resources tab above.

Please note, this solution requires Flowcode software in order to complete the course, which must be ordered separately.