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<sidebar>API Contents</sidebar> Gets the value of a property as a string

Class hierarchy





The component handle of the property owner

STRING Property

The textual name of the property

Return value


Returns the value of a property as a string

Detailed description

This call gets the value of a property. All properties are stored as strings internally, though this call will allow the value to be returned (and converted) to a variable of any type.

Note it is the expression of the property that is returned. For example, if a property called connection represents port A, reading the value of connection will return the value of port A, where as this call would return the string "$PORTA", which is the stored representation of the property.

In short, referencing the property variable gets the result of the properties expression, while this call gets the expression itself.


Calling in a calculation

  • Declare a variable 'result' of type STRING
  • Add to a calculation icon:
    result = ::Component.Property.GetValue(handle, "property")

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