API Panel.PCloud.SetPos

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<sidebar>API Contents</sidebar> Sets the position for the point cloud to be located at

Class hierarchy





The handle to the cloud to adjust the position of


The position to display the cloud at

BOOL Track

Automatically update the cloud to match changes in the position

Return value

This call does not return a value

Detailed description

This sets the position the point cloud will fill in. That is for any axis the range -1 to 1 in the point cloud will be mapped to the opposite walls of the positions bounding box.

If Track is true, the point clouds position will automatically be updated when the position changes, otherwise the point cloud remains at the specified position even if the owning object moves.

Note that for component positions the point cloud will redraw when the components position is altered, as moving a component invokes a redraw of the screen. However, adjusting dynamic position objects does not redraw the screen, and Update must be called to force a redraw of the point cloud.


Calling in a calculation

  • Add to a calculation icon:
    ::Panel.PCloud.SetPos(pcloud, pos, false)

No additional examples