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<sidebar>API Contents</sidebar> Rotates the object around the X axis

Class hierarchy





The position or component to update
The default value for this parameter is: this

HANDLE PivotHandle

An optional position to treat as the origin to rotate around

FLOAT Degrees

Number of degrees to rotate by

Return value

This call does not return a value

Detailed description

SIMAPI Panel Position Rotate Pic1.png

The rotation call allows an object to be rotated around any point in the target objects local X axis. This has the effect of altering the pitch of the object - in terms of an aeroplane this makes the plane climb or bank.

The handle must be a valid handle to a component or position, or a quoted (string) name of an object that can be selected on the panel.

The PivotHandle is an optional position to rotate around. The object will adjust its angle as though it is sliding around the edge of a circle, so at 180 degrees the object will appear 'upside-down' in the same way as a human walking around the globe from the north to south pole.

If the PivotHandle is zero the object rotates around its own center.

The image to the right shows a cube with it's axis positions identified.

Calling the simulation api Panel.Position.RotateX(MyCube,MyCube,1) will rotate the object in one-degree steps along it's X-axis as shown by the red rotation arc. To rotate the cube in a counter direction simply specify a negative number for the degrees parameter.

The screenshot from Flowcode v6 below shows a cuboid with it's internal axis shown (red is the X-axis line), and also a circle that cuts right through the cuboid's X-axis (see example section below for links to the file) When the program runs the cuboid rotates along it's X axis. Note also incidentally the cuboids axis is also the same as the world axis but this might not always be the case.

SIMAPI Panel Position Rotate Pic2.png

See also

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Calling in a calculation

  • Add to a calculation icon:
    ::Panel.Position.RotateX(handle, pivothandle, degrees)

Flowcode example file

Download FC6 Icon.png SIMAPI_Panel_Position_RotateX_v1 and open it in Flowcode v6.

The sample file FC6 Icon.png SIMAPI Panel Position RotateXYZ rotates a grouped object around its X, Y, and Z axis.