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<sidebar>API Contents</sidebar> General system operations

Functions provided for this class

Notify Sends a System.User message to the targeted component
Forward Sends the currently processing message to the target
ShowHandle Given a handle to an object with viewable presence, shows that object on screen
CreateHandle Creates a general-purpose garbage collected handle for resource management
SetHandleWord Sets a general purpose word in the handle for use by its owner
GetHandleWord Gets a general-purpose word set by the owner of a custom handle
DeleteHandle Deletes any handle created by the component
GetSender Gets the handle of the component that posted this event - 0 for system
TimerStart Calls the Component.Timer event with Ident as an argument after Millisecs time
TimerStop Kills any timers with the given ident for this component
WDTEnable Enables or disables the software watchdog during long operations
ClaimEvent Claims an event message by name, returns true if claimed
ReleaseEvent Releases a previously claimed an event message by name, returns true if released
EnableEvent Allows an event to be fired or removes the ability for an event to fire - this may be nested
ClaimMouse Claims mouse clicks for the target object
ReleaseMouse Releases mouse clicks for the target object
RedirectMacros Allows calls to one of your children to be redirected to another component


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