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To allow Flowcode to compile and access locked components it requires a valid license, this is done through activation of Flowcode.

You can use Flowcode in one of three 'modes' of licence:

  • Limited Free Version
  • 30 Day Trial Version
  • Paid Full Version

When you first load up Flowcode you will be present with this activation screen:

Activating flowcode v8.png

You can also access this same screen by going to Help >> Manage Licences from the Flowcode main menu.

If you would like to use the trial or have purchased a Flowcode key, then you will need a Matrix account, you can register for the site here:

User Account Register

Please note that the User Account is not the same as the Matrix User Forums account so your forum user name and password will not work to activate your copy of Flowcode.

  • If you click FREE version, you will activate Flowcode in free mode and will need to enter no more information but will be using the cut down limited version of Flowcode.
  • If you click on TRIAL you will be asked to enter your username and password, once entered and confirmed this will activate the 30day fully featured trial, this trial is ONLINE only, and if you go offline you will revert to the FREE version.
  • If you click on the My Flowcode Licence then you will be prompted to enter your username and password to apply your personal licence to your Flowcode installation. You can do this using the online method or download the offline licence separately, instructions on doing this will be later.

Please note that newer operating systems will require that you run the registration application as an administrator to allow it to correctly perform the activation process on your computer.

Offline Activation

You can activate Flowcode offline by using the 'Manual Activation' window which can be accessed by clicking the 'Manual activation...' button from the 'Activate Flowcode' window previously mentioned. Manual activation can be done with a Flowcode username, a license .key file and a key including the =====Start key===== and =====End key===== tags before and after the key.

This FAQ details how to do Offline Activation of Flowcode:

Offline Licence Activation

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