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Gen Analog Window 01.png

The Analog Window displays and monitors analog values on each channel, allowing you to see the results/values of each channel both as a text values and dynamic bars to display the output values of analog devices.

To open the 'Analog Window' select 'Analog Inputs' from the 'View' menu (View > Analog Inputs').

The Analog Window dynamically displays values of analog inputs and can display the data from a range of different channels simultaneously during simulation. Analog data is displayed in this window by using bars to convey the data value as well as text to accurately read the results the text can be changed to display the data as several different values/units.

You can change the 'View values as:' option at the top of the window by selecting an option from the drop-down box, by doing so you can change the text to display the data value of the analog channels as:

  • Raw
  • Byte
  • Percent
  • Unit
Gen Analog Window Raw 01.png Gen Analog Window Percent 01.png
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