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Brand new features

Here are some of the new features available in Flowcode 8. Please click on a feature to learn more about it.

Component changes and additions

CAL components such as ADC, I2C, PWM, SPI and UART are now free to allow for more user-based component creation and library generation.

High-level components created by Matrix are still licensed under the various component feature packs.

We also have a large selection of component, CAL and FCD updates.

New components

Some of the new components include:

  • FAT Based GLCD Bitmap Drawer
  • New sensor components
  • Network abstraction component for TCP/IP and WIFI modules
  • E-block specific categories
  • Scenario simulation components and wiki based curriculum
  • Graphical LCD Graph drawer
  • Arduino style serial terminal - via the console
  • Raspberry Pi specific - Console Text Generation, TCP/IP
  • Raspberry Pi HDMI gLCD
  • Modbus TCP - Master and Slave
  • DAC MCP48x1
  • HTS221
  • ESP12S
  • PCF8575
  • SHT31 Humidity Sensor
  • WAV Playback and Record
  • RealSpeak
  • Bluetooth RN4677
  • Various new Grove sensors
  • HBridge CAL

Component improvements

  • CAL components are more usable and stand alone, injector, scope and console functionality is now built in making it much easier to build into your own components
  • Bitmap Drawer component - more bitmap file formats (Mono, 16-Colour, 256-Colour, 24-bit) and up to ten bitmaps per component
  • Servo motor 16-bit mode
  • PWM Frequency based Period and Prescaler calculator
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