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Output icon send the value or variable to the specified port and/or bits.

The output is received at the port in binary format.

Display Name

The name of the icon that appears on the flowchart.

Variable or value

Select the name of the variable or a numeric value that you wish to output to the port. Clicking on the down arrow brings up the variables dialog window allowing you to select an existing variable or to create a new one.

Numeric values can be in decimal (unmarked), HEX (preceded by 0x) or binary format (preceded by 0b). e.g. 255, 0xFF, 0b11111111. Users can also use expressions inside the variable or value box, eg "x + 100".


Select from a list of the ports available on the target microcontroller

Single Bit

Use this option to write to a single bit of the port.

If a true (non zero) value is sent to the bit the bit is set (turned on), otherwise the bit is cleared (turned off).

Entire Port

Use this option to write the variable or value to the entire port.

Use Masking

When masking is used, it is possible to write to only certain bits of a port. This is useful when some bits of the port are configured as inputs and you wish to leave these bits unchanged.

With masking only the selected bits receive their value, all non selected bits are not affected.

Video instructions

See the Inputs Outputs video to learn how Input and Output icons work, this video also describes the use of single bits and port masking as well as using HEX values.

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