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mLoader is a software application developed by Matrix to reprogram microcontrollers used in a variety of hardware targets.


Modes of operation

There are two basic modes of operation:

  1. UI mode
    • This mode is enabled when mLoader is run as a stand-alone application
    • A window is opened (similar to the above image) which allows the user to send and receive programs to the target
    • More information can be found here: mLoader:UI_Mode
  2. non-UI mode
    • This mode is typically used when another application (e.g. Flowcode) launches mLoader as part of a build process
    • Command line parameters control the operation of mLoader
    • No window will usually be opened and use feedback will be provided by the application launching mLoader
    • More information can be found here: mLoader:noUI_Mode

Supported hardware

mLoader currently supports the following hardware:

  • EB006 - E-blocks multiprogrammer supporting 8-bit PIC MCUs: 12Fxxx, 16Fxxx, 18Fxxxx, 18FxxKxx
  • EB064 - E-blocks multiprogrammer supporting 16-bit PIC MCUs and dsPIC DSCs: PIC24F, PIC24H, dsPIC30F, dsPIC33F
  • EB185 - E-blocks 32-bit ARM7 programmer
  • ECIOs - Low-cost, single-board computers: 8-bit PIC MCU, 16-bit dsPIC DSC, 32-bit ARM7
  • MIAC - Rugged PLC-like 8-bit PIC MCU
  • Formula Flowcode - Robot buggy
  • LK4690L - Locktronics USB-programmable PIC MCU
  • HP4829 - USB-programmable Prototype board
  • HP1110 - USB-programmable Project board

Supported File Formats

  • HEX - Intel I32HEX format
  • S19 - Motorola S-record (16-bit addresses)
  • BIN - Raw binary file

Recent changes

Recent changes and information on supported chips can be found in the mLoader:Recent_Changes section of this wiki.