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Adds a window to the list of consoles available

Class hierarchy






The name to appear as the consoles title


The number of bytes to add to the buffer


The number of bytes per line to display
The default value for this parameter is: 16


The value to initialise each byte of memory to
The default value for this parameter is: 0

BOOL UserWrite

Set true to allow amending of the data from the User

Return value


A handle to the memory console that can be used to change its style and content.

Detailed description

A memory console is a block of text suitable for use as a memory display, for example to display the contents of a disk or EEPROM. When text is added, this will always overwrite the existing memory so the text contents will remain the same size. This differs from the AddText call which has an unlimited size and operates in 'append' mode to add to the text.

Once a handle is created it must be retained, as Flowcode will remove any handles from the system that are not referenced.

The style and content of the console can be changed at any time. The only thing that is fixed is the type of console - a memory console always has a fixed size and a fixed number of characters per line.


Calling in a calculation

  • Declare a variable 'result' of type HANDLE
  • Add to a calculation icon:
    result = ::Console.AddMemory("name", bytes, bpl, init, false)

Flowchart example

The example FC6 Icon.png SIMAPI Console illustrates basic creation of a console window.

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