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<sidebar>API Contents</sidebar> Moves the object by the given offset relative to its parent along an axis

Class hierarchy





The position or component to update
The default value for this parameter is: this


A position or component representing the X,Y,Z axis to move in


Local coordinate X to increment by
The default value for this parameter is: 0


Local coordinate Y to increment by
The default value for this parameter is: 0


Local coordinate Z to increment by
The default value for this parameter is: 0

Return value

This call does not return a value

Detailed description

This adjusts the Handle position by moving it along the specified Axis a number of units in the X, Y and Z directions.

If the Axis is zero then world space is assumed. Under typical usage 'this' would be a common axis, representing the object space of the component.


Calling in a calculation

  • Add to a calculation icon:
    ::Panel.Position.MoveAlong(handle, axis, x, y, z)

Flowcode example file

Download FC6 Icon.png SIMAPI_Panel_Position_MoveAlong and open it in Flowcode v6. In this example, there are three cubiods that represent Axis X,Y,Z. Note they are coloured exactly as the panel axis indicator which represents your viewing position. There is a sphere also on the panel. The sphere moves first along the X-Axis 100 units then back to it's original position, then does the same for the Y and Z axis. Note - to see the sphere moving along the Z axis you will need to turn on perspective or change the viewing plane with via the panel axis indicator.

The screenshots below show the effect and also highlight the code used by the example.

SIMAPI Panel Position MoveAlong Pic1.pngSIMAPI Panel Position MoveAlong Pic2.pngSIMAPI Panel Position MoveAlong Pic3.pngSIMAPI Panel Position MoveAlong Pic4.png

SIMAPI Panel Position MoveAlong Pic0.png