Changing the Speed of a Simulation

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Simulation speed

Simulation speeds can vary from 0.25 Hz (or one simulation every 4 seconds) to 1000Hz (or one simulation every 0.001 seconds). This can be selected from the drop down options, or from the slider bar as seen in the Simulation Debugger window. When adjusting the simulation speed with the slider bar, you should note that the slowest speed is when the bar is towards the right hand side.

In 'Normal mode' Flowcode does not update the variables, call stack and microcontroller views whilst it is running, but any external component views do get updated. The normal speed is the default setting, and allows the simulation to at a good speed yet allowing the graphics to maintain a good refresh speed for animations etc.

Clock Speed (Hz)

Note: The Clock Speed option refers only to the speed of your hardware oscillator circuit. Changing this value will not alter the simulation speed.

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