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Component Help Files can be found on the wiki and specific component help files can be easily accessed by selecting the arrow button Btn Arrow.png next to the component and then clicking 'Help' from the drop-down context menu. Alternatively you can right click on a component in either the System or Dashboard panel and select the Help option from there to access the component help.

Help files for individual components can be found on the wiki by searching the Component name or guid with a prefix of the title and category of the component, for example:

Component:, Component Name, (Category) = Component: LCD (Outputs)
Component: ID, guid = Component: ID 0953aac0 9c23 4c2f 9843 88954a4191ea,
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When creating or editing articles on the wiki, we advise you to link to component articles using the guid rather than component name, this is the recommended because it is a more versatile, reliable and consistent method.

These component help files on the wiki can also be accessed from Flowcode by selecting the '?' button Btn Question Mark.png on the component details page.

The component details page contains the name, version number, description and guid of the component, this can be accessed by right clicking on or clicking the arrow button Btn Arrow.png next to a component in the Components Toolbar menu.

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This allows additional components to be added at a later date, or from third parties, and have a help file which is accessible from Flowcode and will link to the wiki to explain the component in further detail.

The help file will detail connections and operating details for the component as well as property references, Component Macros and Simulation Macros .