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PIC16F1937 Architecture

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As you will be using the 16F1937 in these tutorials it is important that you understand a little more about what it does and how to use it. In this section you will see which pins on the 16F1937 are available and which connectors on the Multiprogrammer they use. Note that you should refer to the section on E-blocks to understand how the connections are made to the D-type connectors on the Multiprogrammer.

At this point in a traditional programming course you would be introduced in some detail to the various internal circuit blocks of the PICmicro device. You would need this information to write code for the PICmicro in C or assembly code. However Flowcode takes care of the details of PICmicro architecture for you so we will not cover this subject here.

However you will need to have an understanding of the input and output connections of the PICmicro and the amount of memory available to you. These topics are covered in this section.

You should be aware that we cover only a subset of the available internal circuit blocks of this microprocessor.

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