Flowcode Newbie Questions.

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Flowcode Newbie Questions.

Post by KeithSloan »

Being new to Flowcode I have some newbie questions.

1) I see in Chip you can set the oscillator to XTAL, but how does Flowcode know what crystal you have attached?
2) I notice that some components add C code that may not get called. Is the complier clever enough to eliminate code that is never called.
3) If I want to output a waveform on Pin X of Port Y i.e. timing critical. Do I have to allow any time for the Output function? Or can I just use the delays between Outputs without worrying that the Output takes a small delta of time.

Thanks Keith

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Re: Flowcode Newbie Questions.

Post by Benj »

Hello Keith,

1) Flowcode knows what the crystal speed is because it is set via the clock speed parameter.

V3 Chip -> Clock speed
V4 View -> Project options

2) C compilers do not add the functions to the device memory if they are not called by the program. One of the more useful features of the C language.

3) The output function itself should only be a couple of instructions so you should be able to rely on the delays. If you need extreme critical timing (eg on a instruction basis) then a C code block containing assembler code is probably your best bet.

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